Tiktus himself

Who is Tiktus?

My name is Lars Runge, born 1975 - self-taught artist, book author (Pouring Art) with a fantastic following on YouTube.
I use liquid acrylic paints to create extraordinary works of art, colourful, lively and absolutely unique.

But I only came to painting in 2017. Inspired by Jackson Pollock's action paintings, I started my own attempts, but I didn't want to copy him. I simply used his style and developed my own approach from it. The result is - The One!

"The One" - 90×130 cm (2017 - not for sale) a tribute to Jackson Pollock

The following year I discovered rather by chance the Fluid Art technique of acrylic casting. Fascinated by the many possibilities, I started my own YouTube channel in November 2018 - Tiktus color Art. I love manipulating the colors with different methods, it's pure creativity. In 2019 I wrote a book about Acrylic Pouring and to date (as of May 2022) I already have over 800,000 people following me worldwide.

2021 I fulfilled a dream and work in my own studio in the heart of Pettenbach/Upper Austria.

2022 the birth of Tiktus Color Plates - My art refined behind acrylic glass - unique, colourful and lively

Tiktus for a colourful World